Out Of Stock

It's amazing even to us how fast our stock sold out so soon.

But to be honest its all due to the love and support from YOU, our customers. We appreciate all the emails and messages we have received on a daily basis, congratulating and thanking us for producing such an essential product. We never thought in a million years that the CharliChair would have been received so well. Yes, we new it would be a fundamental part of many mum's daily lives, but actually hearing it from mums and grandma's eliminates any doubt from our mind.

We love hearing that the CharliChair is a "god send" and "where has it been my whole life"? It actually makes me laugh because I keep asking myself similar questions, "why didn't I think of this earlier"? As mentioned before I have three children, two boys and then the girl. With Jesse and Joel, life wasn't so complicated so I didn't mind bath time so much. Other than the regular disaster of finding a few small brown gifts waiting for me in the tub, bath time was well regulated. But then our precious Charli-Rose came along. She was the sweetest little treasure, but way too heavy for my aching back. As could be imagined with a new born and two kids in school, I had next to no sleep and very little time to squander in bathroom play time. So we came up with the CharliChair.

Yes, we have temporarily run out of stock. Our new container should be arriving end of July at the latest. But we have so much in the works so please stay tuned. And don't forget to drop us a line or two telling us of your experiences with the CharliChair, good or bad. You may not realise it yet, but all your feedback is being attended to especially your constructive criticism. Our main objective is to create a product that the customer loves and can't live without. So keep your feedback coming.