CharliChair Saves Water

Have you ever thought about how much water is being consumed in your bath tub when bathing your babies.

This issue is magnified when kids are left to their own devices and the bath tub is emptied and refilled a number of times. 

Water is a valuable resource that we don't appreciate until we are suffering from a drought. 

What consumers may not realise is that more than 40% of their water consumption is in the bath room and particularly at bath time. Did you know that showering uses 50% less water than having a bath?

Government bodies and environmentalist have come up with a list of nifty ways to save water. The latest campaign to save water is showering with a friend. I don't know if you'd feel comfortable showering with a partner let alone a friend.

What you may want to maybe consider is showering with your newborn? But the question is, how? How do you manage to hold the slippery baby and wash them at the same time. Then where do you put them when you want wash yourself?
The CharliChair is the latest environmentally friendly invention to help with saving water at bath time. The CharliChair sits in the shower, locking your baby in using the five point safety harness buckle. Then you have two free hands to shower both yourself and your baby. All whilst saving water and conserving valuable resources. 
So next time you come to wash your baby consider the environment, use a CharliChair.