Our Story

How we came about?
I’m a mother of three

I’ve always struggled with bath time. Whether it’s the slip and slide at the newborn age, not to mention the aches and pains of both my knees and back, or the battle with the toddler who refuses to graduate to the shower. I hated bath time!

With my last child I was sure that there must be an easier way. I set out to search for something that kept me upright yet wasn’t strenuous for my back. In other words I was looking for a shower chair for babies yet couldn’t find it.

Why CharliChair and not Charliechair you ask! Our youngest child, Charli-Rose was the motivation behind this new idea, hence we only thought it right to have the chair named after her.

The CharliChair makes it all easy. The five point harness keeps the newborn in place. The chair is elevated to the required height. The seat may be tilted to the required angle according to preference. It also helps avoid future struggles as the child will become accustomed to the shower from birth. The CharliChair prevents the pain parents feel from bended backs and knees on a tiled floor. Bottom line is, the CharliChair takes the stress out of bath time!

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