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We love bath time 😍 [Swipe ➡️] #TeHana

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“Charlichair – where was this product when I was trying to bath a new born and a toddler at the same time. This is a ‘high chair’ type device built for water – with patents and safety approvals.. Also fantastic for kids with Cerebral Palsy. Loved the product .” Naomi Simson - Red Balloon CEO
"Showers and hair washing was getting very hard. If I got a visitor I'd be like "I just want to shower while you're here!" But when my husband went away for 2 weeks then 4 weeks I knew it was going to be impossible. Best "baby" thing I've seen xxx" Leesa Bigham
"With my disability the Charli Chair is great helps me bath Bub safely when my husband is not around the extra bit would make it even more easier might have to upgrade for next bub" Jayme Richardson
"The Charli chair made washing him a lot safer as I didnt have to worry about him slipping under the water." Kidspot Mums Say
"Just wanted to say thank you for an amazing baby product - has made our night routine so much easier! I don't ever write reviews but this has been one of the best baby products I've purchased to date. Purchased our CharliChair when my daughter was 4 months old from the Sydney Baby & Toddler Expo. We have no bath tub and she quickly grew out of the baby bath. She happily transitioned to the shower chair with ease and we use it every night. As my husband is at work I feel safer using the chair, knowing she is safely secured whilst I get in /out of the shower. Using the baby bath was so time consuming and I couldn't let go of her for a second. I love the chair because she can sit and play in it while I shower myself at the same time as well. I wash her bottom before I sit her in the chair and I still find this easier and quicker than using a baby bath. Have used it everyday for over 6 months now and still looks brand new. I'm due with my second baby in June next year and look forward to purchasing the newborn cushion. Top product, perfect for inner city unit/apartment living!"  Samantha Piperitis
"Sending out a HUGE thank you to the inventors of the Charlichair.
I have severe arthritis from head to toe so bathing my boy is very difficult. My husband is a police officer so does a lot of shift work and unfortunately can't do bath time all the time.
Before this chair my boy was in a bath seat on the shower floor (which he hated) and bending down to pick him up was sometimes nearly impossible for me. It would send shooting pains all over my body and it would take my breath away from the pain.
This chair has made showers SO much more fun and easier for the both of us! My little guy is 4 months old and weighs 8kg so this chair has been amazing! 
I have also told a lot of my friends who has disabilities who have kids about my Charlichair as I wish I knew about it from when he was a new born.
Once again thank you so much." Facebook mum Krystal Stove
"The CharliChair will be worth its weight in baby wash for those who don’t have a bath and for those who just plain find it difficult to bend over a tub." Babyology
"We've used our Charlichair with our 6 week old twice now and he loves it! instead of big tears, which is what we got with the regular bath, he just sits there calm and relaxed and enjoys the experience. Thanks for the great solutions." Frances
"The CharliChair makes it easier to bath a baby especially for people with limited mobility" Freedom 2 live
"What an awesome idea! I wish we had this when the boys were little." Kidspot
"With the CharliChair shower chair I was able to have a shower "hands free" without the anxiety that comes with holding a slippery baby." What's on 4
"We've used our Charlichair with our 6-week old twice now and he loves it! Instead of big tears, which is what we got with the regular bath, he just sits there calm and relaxed and enjoys the experience. Thanks for the great solution!" Happy Customer
"Probably the best thing is using it in the shower & not having to bend over, great for my sore back so I could imagine those without a bath & those with back problems it would be a godsend.
"We see a lot of new & interesting baby products here at Best Buys. The Charlichair is one of the most interesting ideas we've seen recently." Best Buys
"My 5 month old LOVES her showers using Charlichair, Mummy LOVES the ease it provides in the shower." Shell Whitehouse
"It's so nice to have somewhere safe to put them while you rinse your hair or whatever." Facebook Mum
"I wouldn't have to worry about dropping him or cleaning him properly as I will be able to have both hands free to entertain him and shower him.Kidspot Mums Say

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