Are you considering purchasing a CharliChair?

That's great! As it is a God send when it comes to bath time. But you can't look past the new look CharliChair cushions.

The CharliChair seat pads are just an added feature to improve baby's comfort. This seat pad is now available in four funky new colours to suit your home decor.

The CharliChair cushion is the only seat pad for the CharliChair. The cushion has been tested to withstand excessive use under the pressure of the shower.

The CharliChair seat pad is also environmentally friendly as it is BPA free, so you could be sure that your baby avoids all the nasties that come with inhaling other types of plastics.

This flexible seat pad now comes in Blue, Pink, Yellow and Black. It is incredibly easy to clean. You just wipe it down after use with clean water.

Thank you Luke Dimian from Luke's Photography for your professionalism and patience.