Answer to bath time struggles

The best way to create a stress free bath time environment for your little one is to use the latest invention, a baby shower chair.

The CharliChair is not a baby bath tub but a baby shower chair. So how does the CharliChair alleviate stress? Having had three kids of my own, I've been part of a lot of mummy playgroups in my days. From experience, the most complained about issue made by new mums is the back problems that

Bath time for me was exasperating. I shudder at the memory of the late afternoon bath time ritual. Obviously, my kids are all older now. Jesse is 10 this year, Joel is 8 and Charli-Rose is 3. So baths are now a thing of the past. But I still look back at that period of my life with a heavy heart. My pain took away the joy I felt with these gifts God granted me. There was always a shadow over me. So if I can help other mums avoid the same obstacles, then I'd be content in knowing I was part of the solution. 

I was at a friends house the other night. She's just had her second child, a beautiful baby girl. And she felt the same way about bath time as the majority of mums out there. She dreaded it! And just like most mums who have just given birth, she suffers from excruciating back pain. 

Of course the CharliChair is now a fixture in their bathroom. But I couldn't help myself.. I had to ask.. "What did you do during bath time?" Knowing full well that her husband worked ungodly hours and there was no extra hands during bath time. She proceeded to list her afternoon ritual of placing the bath tub on the kitchen sink and filling it using a largish container of water. Never really getting the water at the perfect temperature as it took too long to fill the tub. Once the baby was washed, she'd leave the tub until her husband came home and emptied it out. What a hassle!

The bath tub we used had its own stand and since we have quite a spacious bathroom, there was no clatter in our kitchen or bedroom or laundry or family room.. You get the idea. But it was definitely time consuming filling and emptying the bath tub, then cleaning it. Not to mention the difficulty faced in the act of washing the baby. 

Mums now can wash the baby, without bending over, without the juggling act of holding the soapy slippery baby in one hand and washing the baby down with the other. The CharliChair is the answer to bath time struggles. With it your child will grow loving the shower as they will be accustomed to it from birth.