Poo in bath scenario

How many times have you bathed your precious little bundle of joy and wondered whether they were really clean by the time you are done?

I have, ALOT! In fact this issue preoccupied me so much that I would go ahead and bath them again. But then, only to realise that it was quite possible that they peed! Yuk!

And how many times have you realised mid-wash that your little treasure left you a little gift in the tub? Oh so many times, I lost count. I would be so incensed that I would disinfect the tub a few times before refilling it with water.

Have a look at this picture a satisfied customer sent me. She explained to me how whenever she bathed her children she was surprised by a nasty little bestowal in the tub. So when the CharliChair was made available, she was besotted. She said it was "the answer to her prayers".

We sometimes overlook the fact that the water in the tub is the water that was defiled by the baby's bottom, and the same water that is used to wash all other body parts including their precious head, ears, mouth, nose and eyes. Just the thought of having this putrid water contaminate any of these bodily functions, really disturbed me. I was inclined to showering my little one but I knew that a shower might be fine for bigger kids, but anyone who’s tried to wrangle a wet and slippery soapy baby in the shower knows you’re only a hand grip away from disaster!

The best thing about the CharliChair is that you will always have peace of mind when it comes to hygiene. The CharliChair has holes at its base in order to allow an outlet for excess water, and it's place in the shower not the bath tub. So you could always be sure that your baby is absolutely squeaky clean.

But if you find that it can be used for other scenarios, then you are not mistaken. A friend of mine recently had her first child. She was a little apprehensive about using the CharliChair. But was delighted at its ease. She asked me if I would consider marketing it in a different way. She told me that it "wasn't just a baby shower chair.. It's an all purpose chair". It turns out that when ever she was doing the dishes her little Bub was agitated by the distance between them. So she placed the CharliChair near the sink and secured her bub in the chair. Immediately her child settled as she was appeased by the closeness. Go figure!

Another mum suggested using it as a feeding chair, but then she added that it then made it easier to just hose her child down. I'm happy to hear any suggestions including using it for pets, but I'm not so sure about hosing children down!