Babies R Us

Again we've got some great news here at CharliChair headquarters.


Currently we have been actively trying to stock the CharliChair at all the leading baby stores. This is,  of course, to the benefit of the customer, as we trying our best to make this fabulous product as accessible to you as possible.

The great news is we have secured a vendor agreement and are finally stocked at Babies R Us in selected stores. 

Babies R Us is a huge international retail chain, that spans over many countries internationally. This is clearly great news for you the consumer, who may not wish to go down the baby online store path. But what may not be obvious is why its beneficial for us. The reason we are excited about this news is because it may lead to international exposure. This will also benefit Australian exports.

So please support Australian owned products by purchasing the CharliChair. And remember to add the CharliChair to your baby registry at Babies R Us.