We have had a few curious mums asking how the CharliChair helps in certain circumstances. 

The first conundrum is in regards to how to wash underneath the baby whilst in the CharliChair. Well it's as simple as slightly lifting the baby and giving them a little scrub. Sounds too simple?? Well that is how easy it is to use the CharliChair. Some parents forget that with the CharliChair they have two free hands to wash the baby. This confusion is understandable since they have been accustomed to the awkwardness of the bath tub. 
To be a little more specific, mums are not sure as to how this works when the baby is strapped in using the five point harness. Although the baby is safely strapped in, the CharliChair's open design allows access to the baby's back and bottom. 
The secret formula that makes the CharliChair so incredibly safe is the depth of the capsule. The CharliChair was designed in a way that will prevent any mishap in the shower. The capsule is so deep that children find it quite difficult to pull themselves forward enough for a calamity.
The tilt of the CharliChair is 45 degrees at its furthest. It is architecturally designed to persuade children to sit back and enjoy the shower. 
"What about the shower size though"? Was the other question. The average shower is 90cm by 90cm. This allows enough room for the chair to be placed in the shower and mum or dad to stand foot to base. 
"What if you don't have one of those detachable shower heads"? Well that's fine. I don't have one either. I direct the shower head at my child's feet so as not to agitate her. I use the damp soapy sponge to clean her and then my cupped hands to rinse her down. You could also use the wrung soapless sponge to wipe baby down of excess soap. 
Even if you don't feel like taking a shower every time you shower your child, that's ok too. I have an average shower and I always seem to manage shower my little one without exerting myself too much.