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It’s hard being a parent. Throw in a dash of chronic back pain, and you have the best recipe for a cocktail no one wants: a landslide of pain and depression.

As seen on Shark TankThroughout the last few months of pregnancy, women more than often suffer from an outstanding number of back-aches and pains. They are under the impression that once baby is born, they will be back to their old selves.

Unfortunately, that is not the case. The pain they were in before is now following them through the early days of their brand new baby. They’re lifting, changing, washing – all the while continuing to strain their back.

Dad isn’t immune to the pain either! While taking care of the new baby, he’s doing the same things that are putting strain on Mom’s back.

According to the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association, women who have recently had a child face in-creased risk for back pain and injury. Why? Their shifting hormone levels throughout pregnancy cause their liga-ments and joints to relax to deal with pregnancy, but these hormone levels can stay elevated past birth. 

In the weeks after giving birth, the muscles and joints remain overly flexible, which leave them prone to injury. Add in a new baby and new parents, especially moms, aren’t always looking after themselves as they normally would – hauling strollers and carseats, bending to bathe and even just lifting their new baby – not realizing they are still in the process of healing!

It doesn’t have to be this way. 

Post-childbirth – for both parents – doctors recommend parents remaining upright whilst bathing their babies, be it in a sink or a small tub placed on a countertop. It’s one daily way to decrease the strain of being a new parent, however babies grow quickly and just as quickly outgrow the photogenic bath-in-the-sink ideal.

Parents are left squatting over the shower floor or tub trying to just give their baby a bath.

The CharliChair eliminates this problem. With a CharliChair, you can stand up while your baby securely sits down – and not on the floor. They’ll only grow out of it when they can stand up in the shower on their own.