CharliChair not CharlieChair as seen on Shark Tank TV

If it's a CharlieChair then it's not the real CharliChair.

Why CharliChair you ask? Because our daughter Charli-Rose was the inspiration behind this innovative, world first product. The CharliChair came to me after I had my 3rd child, Charli-Rose. I suffered from extreme back pains every time I bathed her. I use to wait for my husband to come home in order to bath her.

I went out searching for something to accommodate me. Obviously not finding what I needed. I became dismayed. So My husband asked that I sketch what I envisioned the chair to look like. I did and to my surprise he decided to patent it. This was two years ago, and we couldn't be happier with the outcome.

As simple as the idea may be, to our surprise this product has never been seen before. And to our delight, it is a great comfort to those parents who know all too well the struggles faced at bath time. 

Babies love it too. Our beautiful little model April was both comfortable and content throughout our hour and a half long photo shoot. But the best suggestion for the use of this chair is to accustom the child to the shower from birth. As this will prevent the struggles that will be faced later on, when they are too old for the bath.