Holiday fun with the Charli Chair

Holidays.. Imagine you could go anywhere without having to worry about their bathroom facilities! Well we have the solution and it only occurred to us when our, muse and last child, was too old for it. 

We love to travel. The feeling you get when you are being exposed to a new and unfamiliar culture. The tastes, the smells, and the memories that will most definitely last with you forever. 
We love to take our kids overseas. We don't believe in depriving our kids from the same experiences that are exhilarating to us. To see their faces light up at something new and completely alien to them, just makes it all worthwhile. 

We have travelled quite a bit. Our kids ages did not matter to us in the least. One of our first overseas trips was when our eldest, Jesse, was two years old and our, now middle child, Joel, was only four months old. I was really worried because I hadn't travelled oversees before then with children. We had had two short flights to and from Brisbane with only Jesse, but both cases ended in disaster.

Living in Sydney and travelling overseas, flights are no less than eight hours. We decided to cut the trip to America in two halves so that we were not travelling more than 10 hours at a time. It was a great plan. We were going to first arrive in Japan. Spend a few days there so that the kids could recover from the slight jet lag and sleeping routines wouldn't be disrupted too abruptly. Finally making  our way to the USA for the rest of our holiday. 

It was all wonderful until we arrived at the hotel, only to discover that there is no bath tub to wash Joel our still infant child. What a hassle! We had been travelling for God knows how long. Both my husband and myself were longing for the luxury of a nice long shower and comfy bed, knowing full well that the baby needs to be dealt with first. It was devastating. 

We then proceeded to undergo the juggling act of bathing Joel. This is how it went down.. I decided to hold him in the shower under running water to sooth him. My husband somehow tried to lather Joel with soap and quickly rinsing our precious screaming baby who is traumatised at the sensation of nearly being dropped, more than once. So in surrender I plopped myself on the shower floor in disgust but with a sense of heroism since I saved my child from an unforeseen disaster. 

So when Charli-Rose, our third child, was born and we wanted to take a holiday overseas. We were all the more wiser from our previous endeavours. We booked only hotel rooms that had bath tubs. Making the booking part all the more difficult.

What if it was as simple as taking your baby shower chair with you, and showering your baby as you shower? The CharliChair is just that. It is a chair for the baby and used in the shower. The CharliChair would have definitely saved me had I had it back when my kids were younger. 

The CharliChair is so quick and easy to put together. Both the frames and the seat have the click mechanism, where everything is snapped on, and away you go. You're welcome!