Making bath time easier...

Charlichair is the result of an invention out of necessity. A mum of three developed the chair after struggling with the challenges of bathing her own baby. Most parents will relate to this...the back ache...sore knees...slippery babies...and reluctant toddlers.

I was recently given the opportunity to review this awesome invention and must say…. It had me at ‘hello’! I couldn’t wait to unwrap it and take Elijah for a shower. (insert delighted squeals here, the Delivery driver must have thought I was crazy). 

At first glance, I was in love. I can see it’s made from quality materials as well as being ergonomically designed and very functional. I have three children and my youngest Elijah is 5 months old and loves his baths. Unfortunately, he doesn’t get many of them as it's usually a quick in and out of the shower with my husband or myself, which requires one of us to be on stand by to grab him afterwards. (picture slippery baby and not enough hands).

With the CharliChair shower chair I was able to have a shower "hands free" without the anxiety that comes with holding a slippery 
baby. At first I felt naked (I know right) and didn’t know what to do with my arms. I could not only wash myself and Elijah, but it was a much more relaxing experience. 

I could wash him really well while he was seated and he was comfortable and happy as you can see from the video. Elijah was also happy to sit in the chair while I was able to get out and dried myself, making the whole experince much less stressful than usual. (high fives all round)