Bath Time Fun

"But, bath time is our quality time together".

According to some mums, bath time is the only time they have to spend with Bub. Some choose this specific time of the day, to play with their baby and teach them new things. 

I'm not saying that it's not important to share these special moments together. Im just saying that I'd rather spend my quality time reading to my baby in a cosy bed, rather than on a merciless tiled floor. 
I did on occasions, with my first born, spend time interacting and playing during bath time. But by the time I had my third child, “quality time” was non-existent and “time” was a very rare commodity. To top it off, the bathroom floor was the last place I wanted to be after a back breaking day spent carrying and toiling with three small children. 
One first time mum told me, she didn’t believe in quality time during bath time because it involved so much back pain. “Only now with the CharliChair I can actually enjoy washing my little one..” This comment blew me away. I suffered the same way and to now hear that we have helped in strengthening the bond between mum and Bub, is definitely rewarding. 
The CharliChair is essential for infant bathing. It is placed in the shower. Your babies are locked in safely and showered quickly and easily. The CharliChair is completely water proof, so there's no messy stains to be cleaned afterwards. Best part is that the CharliChair is used from when your baby is first born all the way until they can stand on their own two feet. That’s infant bathing heaven.