Bath Time Fatalities

When are parents going to learn? The following video is of a child who gets her hand stuck in the plug hole during bath time. Although it was more dramatic than fatal, other kids haven't been so lucky. 

See it here


Bath time fatalities are more common than you think. According to this Brisbane Times article children under the age of five drowned in bathtubs between 2004 and 2011. Of these 13 drownings 10 of these children were left alone in a bath tub.

A child is always a split second away from an accident and a fraction of that could be fatal. But in my books its a fraction too many. Why would you risk your child's safety when the solution is a click or a car trip away?

The CharliChair is a shower chair for babies. It is placed in the shower and the baby is locked in securely using a five point harness. Parents can wash the baby, without bending over, without the juggling act of holding the soapy slippery baby in one hand and washing the baby down with the other. Parents have both hands free with the CharliChair. It's the answer to bath time struggles. 

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