How the CharliChair helps with Asthma

When Charli was just a few months old, I was advised that she more than likely had Asthma.

She had difficulty breathing whenever she caught a cold. A virus would bring on an acute attack of Asthma.

Virus infections are very common with children and can occur a number of times over a period of a year. As was the case with Charli. We spent quite a few nights at the hospital. We quickly learned that children at this age could not be medicated with antibiotics and especially if it was a virus or viral infection. But what stumped us was her troubles in breathing. We were not keen on giving her Ventolin at that age.

A doctor suggested a naturopathic way of opening her airways. The steps included having the shower running on hot for a good ten minutes, and sitting there with Charli in the steamed shower for the duration of the time. The idea was to keep the door closed as not to let any of the steam escape. It was a great idea, but how? She was a newborn - and slippery. I did try it a few times. It was great, the bathroom seemed warmer than when I had her in
the bath tub and I did notice that Charli did have a better nights sleep when we followed this process. Obviously this may not work for everyone but it worked for us. The only matter in question was the, HOW!

This is where the CharliChair can help. Imagine! Not only is the baby kept nice and warm in the running shower, but you are circumventing a case of the flu.

The CharliChair is a new product that solves countless issues that parents face at bath time. From the bath-less home to back problems at bath time. The CharliChair allows the parent to remain upright whilst showering a baby. And the child will only grow out of this chair when they are capable of standing up on their own.  It's three level height adjustment ensures no bending over, as this action is what results in that ghastly back pain. It gives you freedom of both hands as your baby will be strapped in securely  with the five point harness, whilst you wash them. 

It’s a no brainer!